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Our Goal

is it "kosher"?


This video is Rabbinically approved by HaRav Dovid Schochet of Chabad Ontario and HaRav Moshe Lowy of Agudah Toronto.

bring the "magic" back


3D Animation offers an exciting way to bring the awe, wonder and magic of Jewish classics to all ages.

"Torah Luminations" is a 3D animation studio and publishing house dedicated to promoting the beauty of Torah values through Jewish educational media. Chana-Aidel and Avrahom-Moishe Erlenwein are the co-founders who reside in Toronto, Canada.

you'll want to watch it again & again


Our goal is to pack as much goodness in each episode as possible. This way, you will be able to watch it over and over while experiencing something new from each viewing.

Education + Entertainment = "Edutainment"


"Living with Tzaddikim" are 3D animation videos for all ages. These videos are a fun, "edutainment" way to experience classic Jewish stories. These 3D animated stories will entertain you while lifting you up with positive values of hope, strength and joy in living as a Jew.

What's Inside these videos

joy, excitement and being a mentch


Most of all, these stories create joy, excitement and timeless lessons from Chazal through high-quality videos with rich “tochen” (content). Not only do we learn from the personal examples of Tzaddikim, but we also learn about the purity, sincerity and faith in Hashem by the Jews who are connected to them.

Stories Packed with "Good Stuff"


Living with Tzaddikim was motivated by the desire to fill our children (and ourselves) with quality content. These stories are taken from classic, Jewish sources and blaze with the core values of love, trust, hope and joy. Just like every Jew is like a brilliant and unique diamond, so are each of these stories.

Who is "torah luminations"?